LED Bus Screens

The Technoframe Bus system is a transit advertising medium providing an LED display screen which is mounted onto the outside of a vehicle. The LED screen has tricolour LED's on a 10mm pitch providing the user with a full colour palette to enable high quality display of both static and video content as well as being a powerful location aware advertising solution.

Screen, mounting kit, cabling and all associated hardware only weighs 55KG

Our LED Screen is designed to fill the entire Superside advertising area of double deck buses - 6000mm x 660mm



Technical Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight & thin screen design (21mm)
  • Complete turnkey solution
  • Screen Resolution: 576 x 48
  • Content creation and scheduling service
  • Replace static advertising solutions (vinyl / boards)
  • Remotely update screen content
  • Location aware advertising solution
  • Easy Installation / Modular Design
  • White Balance: D50 to D93
  • Maximum Brightness: 5000nits
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 1400W
  • DC27.6V Voltage Input
  • Brightness Sensor and Automatic Brightness control
  • SMD 3 in 1 Pixel Configuration
  • High Viewing Angle: 150°
  • High Contrast Ratio
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP45


Complete Turnkey Solution

The Technoframe Bus Screen is supplied as a complete system which comprises of the following parts;

  1. LED Bus Screen
  2. LED Processor Controller
  3. Power Units
  4. Media Player / PC
  5. Diagnostics and Monitoring
  6. Ancillaries, wiring and installation/mounting kits

Technoframe Bus Screen Framing System

Technoframe have developed a framing system specifically for the LED Bus Screen application.  It has been designed to provide a secure mounting frame for the LED panels to slide in as modules.


Technoframe Media Content Management System

Technoframe’s solution for Media Content Management and Media Player system consists of two key parts; the Media Player that sits on each bus and the Media Content Management System (mCMS) that organises, schedules and distributes the adverts from central servers. The Media CMS resides within the same Web-based Management Console that is also used as the centralised point for monitoring, support and maintenance of the screen network.


Content Creation and Scheduling Services

To ensure you make the best usage of Bus Screens; we also provide content creation services where we can work with your own design teams or even act as your design team.  This ensures you create the best content to fully utilise the screen and its abilities.  We can also schedule your content for you or provide training to staff so that you can manage your own content, anytime from anywhere.

Need to find advertisers? Let us know, we can help you access the largest advertising agencies to help you sell time/space on your screen to build advertising revenues for you.


Want to know more?

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+44 (0) 1634 295953) or email ( ) for further information, alternatively please download our PDF brochure which includes key unique selling points.